Preparatory course

Introduction of foreign citizens and stateless persons to educational institutions of Ukraine is carried out according to accredited educational programs of the preparatory faculty (course) during the year.

The Preparatory Course for International Students is a required for foreign citizens, who plan to receive higher education in Ukraine.
The Course was licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2001.

At the Preparatory Course students are offered 1-year (7-10 months) language training for further education in Ukrainian universities.

The specializations acquired by the graduates of the preparatory courses is economics, engineering, Russian and Ukrainian Languages, Mathematics, History, Geography, Economics, Computer Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing, Biology and Physical Training (optional).

During the period of studying at the Course foreign citizens are provided with accommodation in the University dormitory.

The Preparatory Course for International Students offers high level training for a successful admission to any Ukrainian higher educational institution.

Required Documents
The following documents are required for admission to the Preparatory Course of the University:

  1. Invitation for study (is provided by the University);
  2. Passport translation into Ukrainian;
  3. High School Certificate (with marks/grades) translated into Ukrainian;
  4. Physical Health Examination Report issued no earlier than within two months before entering Ukraine;
  5. 12 photos, 3,5×4,5 cm.
    Documents required by positions 3)and 4) have to be translated into Ukrainian and legalized in the Consular Department of the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of applicant’s residence.

Graduates of the Preparatory Course can proceed their studies at Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs or Post Diploma Studies of University where they studied or other higher educational institutions of Ukraine.