Buying a property in Ukraine

Our specialists are ready to provide you with legal advice and services during the acquisition and rental of residential real estate (apartments, private houses, cottages), office premises, property complexes, land plots.

When buying a primary real estate, it is recommended to carry out a legal analysis of the developer’s company and analyze in detail all the provisions of the contract on which the new building is acquired . In this case it will be necessary to obtain the following documents from the developer’s company:

  • constituent and registration documents;
  • permits for construction;
  • documents for the land plot (lease agreement, deed of ownership, decision of the relevant authority;
  • on the allocation of land, etc.).

      When purchasing a secondary real estate, it is recommended to analyze the procedure for the acquisition / registration of real estate by the primary buyer. Additionally, you must check the documents of the seller of real estate.

It will be necessary to obtain the following documents from the seller of the property:

  • documents according to which the buyer acquired / registered the property;
  • Relevant documents for the seller of real estate.

Our company provides comprehensive legal services in real estate:

  • legal advice on the sale and purchase of real estate;
  • support of negotiations between the parties to the transaction;
  • legal support of real estate transactions;
  • preparation of the necessary documents (contracts of sale / lease of real estate);
  • development of the correct scheme for financing the purchase / lease of real estate;
  • advice on the taxation of acquired / alienated real estate;
  • legal support of registration of ownership of real estate.