Business support

After the creation and in the process of direct business, managers need qualified business support.

Specialists of our company provide a full range of services for supporting the activities of organizations of any activity: from full recovery, re-launch and further support of the business to the introduction of a conceptually new strategy and business rules.

The list of services provided by our company includes:

  1. Start, update and reformat your business plan;
  2. Obtaining new or renewing all licenses and permits necessary for the full functioning of the business;
  3. Passing checks and standardization of the company or production;
  4. Work with staff (search, training);
  5. Development or updating of the company’s website;
  6. Development and implementation of the advertising campaign of the Client in accordance with the changes;
  7. Tax optimization;
  8. Accounting;
  9. Professional legal support of business.

All of the above tasks are mandatory factors for competent business organization. And we will be happy to help you with this!