Our company is ready to provide comprehensive assistance in pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes.
Our lawyers are ready to help and protect your interests at any stage of the trial.

Our lawyers provide qualified legal assistance in all kinds disputes, in which our lawyers provide qualified legal support:

  • Administrative disputes;
  • Civil disputes;
  • Housing disputes;
  • Land disputes;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Hereditary disputes;
  • Family disputes;
  • Customs disputes;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Economic disputes.

Specialists of our company will accompany you at all stages of the trial, regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the respondent: we are ready to go with you through all the stages of the trial.
The legislation provides for several ways to settle disputes that have arisen – pre-trial settlement, the transfer of a dispute to an arbitration court (arbitration), a court appeal, and an appeal or execution of court decisions.

Pre-trial settlement is a solution to disputable situations arising between the parties, independently based on the principles of consent, cooperation and mutual concessions (compromises). This method of settlement is the most optimal and beneficial for the parties, since it is not associated with recourse to the competent state structures (courts, police, executive bodies) and is not associated with the use of coercion. That is why it is very important to have a lawyer at the enterprise who is able to competently assess the situation, draw conclusions, negotiate, convince the opponent of the incorrectness and sometimes the illegality of his actions, and also explain their negative consequences.

The cost of our services for pre-trial settlement of disputes includes:
· Research and legal expertise of documents
· Analysis of the situation on the basis of the studied documents;
· Providing oral and written advice on controversial issues;
· Determination of promising solutions and possible options for resolving disputes in the pretrial order;
· Preparation of claims or response to the claim;
· Holding negotiations and meetings;
· Implementation of the agreements reached;
· Preparation of an agreement on the peaceful settlement of a dispute.
Knowledge of the subtleties of the trial and considerable experience of representation in court allows a team of experienced lawyers to achieve success in court cases.
Individual approach and confidentiality when working with you is one of the basic principles of our work.

Note: the cost of paying the state fee, for the payment of information technology services for the judicial process and expert opinions at the request of the court are paid by the customer of the service.

The cost of our services for the representation of interests in court includes:
· Analysis of case materials and preparation of a legal opinion (upon request of the customer – in writing);
· Collection and analysis of evidence, determination of the tactics of conducting the case in court;
· Drawing up a claim and preparing documents for going to court;
· Study, analysis of the claim filed against the client, preparation of written objections;
· Participation in court sessions;
· Advising clients on the possibility / necessity of changing the subject or cause of a claim, increasing or decreasing the size of claims, refusing a claim, admitting a claim, filing a counterclaim, and procedural execution of the said actions;
· Drawing up procedural documents (responses, objections, explanations, petitions, statements).

After a careful study of the problem, our lawyers will advise you on the possibilities of development of events and risks, and also give general agreement with your strategic and tactical actions and determining the correct position in court.