Family lawyer

Our company is ready to provide comprehensive assistance in matters related to family matters. Specialists of our company specialize in attorney assistance in complex and non-standard family disputes, in which they have a unique experience.
Ready to help in matters:

Divorce proceedings:
   – Divorce through the courts (this is always a procedure that is always associated with significant stress for all participants in the process. The help of a professional lawyer who specializes in family law and has considerable experience in conducting the procedure of divorce through the courts can significantly speed up this procedure, which will save your time and will prevent unnecessary stressful situations.
   – Divorce without being present in court (many people, getting into a situation where further cohabitation is impossible for several reasons, are confused. In order to deal with all the nuances of the divorce process, to get highly qualified lawyer support, and also to exercise their rights, provided by the legislation of Ukraine, it is necessary to consult a lawyer.);
   – Recognition of marriage as invalid (Ukraine provides for the possibility of recognizing marriage as invalid. This procedure is performed if the basic principles of marriage (general marriage provisions) were violated during marriage registration or people who registered marriage did not have the right to register among themselves marriage for several reasons);
 – Consultation on divorce;

Accompanying marriage (marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine is not always easy. Marriage registration in Ukraine with a foreigner is associated with a number of not clear nuances and formalities that are difficult for foreigners to understand. Our company is one of the few who can help register a marriage in Ukraine with a foreigner);

Questions concerning children:
   – Child registration (Our company is happy to assist you in registering a child);
   – Permission to leave the child abroad (After the dissolution of the marriage, or, termination of actual family relations, there may be a dispute between parents who have children, regarding permission to leave one of them with the child abroad without accompanying the other parent );

Maintenance disputes:
   – Recovery of alimony (alimony and disputes over their reclamation, recovery and accrual of alimony amount to a significant part of family disputes that are considered by the courts of Ukraine. And this issue should be resolved with fairness, the help of qualified specialists is undoubtedly necessary);
   – Consultation on alimony;

Property issues:
   – Section of the common property of spouses (This is a difficult legal procedure, during which the spouses divide, according to the current family law, property acquired during their stay in a registered marriage);
   – Consultation on the division of property;

After careful consideration of the problem, our lawyers will advise you on possible scenarios and risks, as well as draw up and coordinate with you the strategy and tactics of action.