The procedure for customs clearance of exports is rather complicated and tedious. The company must be re-certified at customs and submit to the customs authority documents that certify the grounds and conditions for exporting goods outside the customs territory of Ukraine.

Our company provides the following services in the customs sphere:

  1. Accompaniment of customs clearance of goods.
  2. We carry out accreditation at customs.
  3. Assistance in providing customs broker.
  4. Preparation and execution of customs documents on export-import operations.
  5. Development and adjustment of foreign trade contracts and additional agreements to them.
  6. Assistance in the preparation and support of foreign economic transactions.
  7. Consultation and assistance in registration of commodity-transport documents.
  8. Providing advice on the procedure for importing goods and exporting goods.

The range of legal services of our company also includes a wide range in the field of obtaining permits, as well as documents such as certificates of origin, veterinary certificate, sanitary-epidemiological findings, ISO certificate and other documents required for customs clearance of goods.