Buying a car in Ukraine

Buy a new or used car, while not facing a fraudster – not an easy task! Today, there are many cases in which citizens encounter so-called “fictitious” sellers or trade “one-day firms”. That is why experts recommend to resort to the help of legal professionals, using such a service as legal support when purchasing a car.

Here are the most common fraudulent situations that occurred when buying a car yourself:

  • hidden additional cost of the purchased vehicle – the so-called “commission”, which ultimately doubles the price of the car;
  • substitution of an agreement before signing it – indicating another value;
  • the absence in the contract of the exact date of transfer of the vehicle;
  • receipt of payment receipt without a corresponding seal; at the time of transfer of transport is not enough of any documents, it is not relevant specifications, the like.

Our company carries out a full legal check of any vehicle before purchase. We employ specialists who have specialized legal education and extensive experience.

The company provides the following services:

  • Verification and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Car check on the basis of the State Automobile Inspectorate.
  • Carried out according to the body number, transit number or state number (if the car is registered.)
  • Checking the vehicle owner for the presence of outstanding loans and other obligations to banks and other institutions.
  • This procedure allows you to protect the buyer from buying a car, which is in the loan or is a pledge.
  • Check the marking of the car and its authenticity.
  • Verification of authenticity of documents on the vehicle, as well as the presence of errors when filling them out.
  • Determination of the true release date of the car.
  • Check the legality of the importation of cars into the country through customs.

Thus, having entrusted your safety to us, you can be absolutely sure that the purchase of a vehicle will not cause you trouble with the law or the former owners.