Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account.
For the full functioning of the Company and doing business, the main account is a bank account. This account is a mandatory requisite of the Company for the preparation of accounting documents, the receipt of funds in the implementation of the Company’s business activities.

After signing the contract, the bank undertakes to:
• To carry out all banking operations that are necessary for the client’s activities and are stipulated by the terms of the agreement;
• Deposit funds that are credited to the firm’s account on the day the transaction is made;
• On behalf of a client, to issue or transfer funds from his account;
• Also, a bank account is simply necessary for contributing statutory capital.

This procedure is not as simple as opening a simple bank account and you may encounter certain nuances. If you prepare in advance for the procedure, then difficulties should arise.
Opening an account takes enough time and effort. To do this, you need to prepare the required package of documents and conclude an agreement with the Bank. Specialists of our company will provide qualified assistance in this matter!