Get a Identification number

A foreigner who wants to live, study or work in Ukraine needs to get a
registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card (identification number). That is, it is necessary for employment in Ukraine, education, legalization of residence, paperwork at the notary, opening bank accounts, inheriting in Ukraine, registering enterprises or as an entrepreneur, joining a legal entity, etc.

The foreigner obtains the tax number personally, through a legal representative or a representative by a notarized power of attorney. The deadline for receipt of the
registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card (identification number) is 3-4 business days. For this you need to provide our specialists with the following documents:

1) Identity document:

  • foreigner’s passport;
  • permanent residence permit (if available);
  • temporary residence permit (if available);
  • refugee certificate;
  • An identity card of person which needs additional protection.

2) Notarized power of attorney to represent your interests. The power of attorney can be drawn up both in Ukraine (while a foreigner must adhere to the terms of stay in Ukraine) and abroad (in this case the power of attorney is legalized and translated in accordance with current legislation).