Our company provides services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in accordance with the individual requirements of the Client, types and difficulties of economic activities of the following legal services in the field of contract law:

1) Development of individual contracts and contacts;
Our company has considerable experience in drafting contracts, settling disputes when concluding contracts and provides the following list of services that increase the efficiency of contractual work:

  • Assistance in choosing the optimal form for carrying out transactions, taking into account maximum legal protection and minimization of taxation in the implementation of the transaction;
  • Examination and preparation of projects of all types of economic contracts
  • Drawing up, preparation of any economic contracts (including foreign economic contracts), primary accounting and personnel documentation;
  • Participation in negotiations on the conclusion of contracts of various kinds;
  • Audit of the contractual process, examination of business contracts for compliance with legal norms;
  • Settlement of disputes at the conclusion of the contract
    Our company also provides recommendations regarding the improvement and optimization of contracts, changes, additions and exclusions of certain clauses and conditions for the prevention of fraud and erroneous legal relations. The more accurately and correctly the contract is drawn up, the less risk that the transaction will result in losses in the form of real loss, lost profits, costs of legal proceedings, and so on.

2) Development of foreign economic agreements (contracts);
A foreign economic agreement (contract), or, as it is also called, an international agreement (contract) is a documented agreement between two or more companies operating in different countries, on the delivery of a certain amount of goods, the provision of services or other activities in accordance with described conditions.
An international agreement (contract) is a necessary document that must be submitted to the customs authorities by the declaration at the customs clearance stage of the goods being moved.

3) Legal support of transactions and contracts.
Legal regulation of enterprises, companies and non-profit organizations is a necessity that has arisen due to strict requirements for the conduct of financial and economic activities by regulatory authorities and the protection of enterprises from heightened competition, market instability and unfair Customers and partners.
The main purpose of legal support in the maintenance and conclusion of transactions and contracts is to protect, insure, make the activities of this enterprise as safe as possible.

Our company provides legal support services for the conclusion of transactions and contracts, which includes:

  • Development, systematization and alignment with the requirements of the legislation of all documentation of the enterprise;
  • Development of contracts and other documents based on the financial interests of the enterprise and tax optimization;
  • Examination of personnel, accounting and reporting documentation, on the basis of which it develops forms and methods of legal support (taking into account the requirements of the customer, the scale and directions of commercial activity) of the transaction;
  • Providing the client with the necessary advice as necessary so that the Client is able to adequately understand the meaning and legal consequences of the transaction;
  • Development and drafting of a contract for the conclusion of the transaction;
  • Provision of several options for the conclusion of the transaction, depending on the circumstances on the part of the client;
  • Forecasting and optimization of the tax consequences of the transaction.