A company abroad is a reliable tool for the legal optimization, protection and development of your business. By building a structure using a foreign company, you open up a whole range of additional possibilities.
The advantages include:
• Asset Protection;
• Legal cost optimization;
• Lack of exchange controls;
• New markets;
• Lending in foreign financial organizations

The most important of the stages of creating a full-fledged international business is tax planning. This tool is an effective measure for structuring your assets. Depending on the type of activity and your needs, within the framework of taxation, you can choose from groups of countries:
Low tax rates – Legislation provides for low tax rates. If certain criteria are met, for certain types of activities, tax exemption is possible.
Some of the countries with low taxation are: Cyprus, Malta, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, New Zealand, Gibraltar;
With preferential taxation – Basically, prestigious jurisdictions, which, subject to certain conditions, are granted tax benefits.
Some of the countries with tax breaks are: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Austria, Estonia, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA (some states), Latvia, Denmark.
Use of offshore (shelf) companies.
The list of jurisdictions that can be attributed to the classic offshore: British Virgin Islands, Belize, Nevis, Panama, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Seychelles and others.

Services for the establishment of foreign companies:
• Registration and purchase of ready-made companies;
• Obtaining licenses;
• Support companies;
• Submission of reports;
• Liquidation.
Our experts have extensive experience in establishing a business abroad!