Accounting services

High-quality accounting services of the Company and qualified preparation of financial statements is the basis for the effective development of the Company’s business. Timely preparation of financial statements and restoration of accounting eliminates penalties and prevent financial losses.

Qualified specialists of Our company provide accounting services for Companies – this is the development of primary accounting documentation, monitoring changes in the current legislation, preparation of financial statements, statistical, analytical and tax reports, as well as submitting them to the relevant structures and government bodies.

The rules for maintaining, the forms and the procedure for preparing financial statements are regularly changed, and experienced specialists of our company constantly monitor the availability of innovations and changes in accounting.

Our company has established systems of interaction with various government agencies and inspectorates, and also uses the most effective methods in order to improve the Company’s accounting services and the quality of the services provided.
Comprehensive accounting services for companies is an excellent opportunity to receive timely advice from highly qualified specialists on all issues related to the company’s business, document management, payroll and other accounting issues.

Comprehensive accounting services for companies, which is provided by our company includes:

  1. Accounting and tax accounting of the enterprise;
  2. Preparation and provision of financial and tax reports to users;
  3. Formation of primary documents at the request of the Client;
  4. Preparation of documents for loans, permits, etc .;
  5. Preparation of internal financial statements;
  6. Outsourcing accounting processes;
  7. Inventory of primary documents;
  8. Maintenance of the process of implementing accounting program.

Our advantages: high-quality accounting, professional accounting services for firms, enterprises and organizations, extensive practical experience and affordable cost of services. Cooperation with our company guarantees professional accounting services organizations.