Permits documentation for business

Our company provides a wide range of services, among which in particular is assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, depending on the activities of the enterprise, in order to comply with current legislation and prevent problems from regulatory authorities.
In particular, we are engaged and ready to help with the design:

  • Operational permits (obtained by market operators engaged in activities related to the production and / or storage of food of animal origin);
  • State registration of the market operator’s capacities (capacities that are used at any stage of production and / or circulation of food are subject to registration);
  • Obtaining permission for concerted actions (this is the conclusion by economic entities of agreements in any form, the adoption of decisions by associations in any form, as well as any other coordinated competitive behavior (activity, inaction) of business entities and / or the creation of business entities, associations, purpose or effect the creation of which is the coordination of competitive behavior between business entities that created the specified business entity, association, or between them and again su ektom management, or the entry of such a compound);
  • Obtaining permission for concentration (this is a document issued by the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine to prevent the monopolization of the commodity markets, the abuse of the monopoly (dominant) position, the restriction of competition);
  • Permission to use facilities and premises intended for carrying out activities related to the trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors (this is a document issued to a legal entity according to a certain legislative form, the structural subdivisions of the National Police Anti-Crime Drug Prevention Department, where the activities related to the trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors are not carried out the location of the legal entity – at the place of such activity);
  • Permission for the placement of outdoor advertising (a document of the established form issued to the distributor of outdoor advertising on the basis of a decision of the executive body of the village, town, city council, which gives the right to place external advertising for a specific period and in a certain place);
  • Coordination of pricing for maintenance of elevators (companies that serve elevators must coordinate pricing with the relevant Office of the supervisory authority at the place of registration (activity) of the company);
  • Permission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of fire control on the premises (Declaration of compliance of the material and technical base with the requirements of the legislation – a document with which the business entity informs the state administrator or a representative of the relevant licensing authority that its material and technical base complies with the legislation);
  • SES operational permit for premises, conducting state sanitary and epidemiological expertise;
  • Obtaining a special permit for the use of subsoil (for each specific type of subsoil use within a specific territorial area, a separate state permit is granted, which gives the right to free use of subsoil);
  • Obtaining a special permit for the use of water resources (this is a permissive document, provides for the possibility of water intake from water bodies using structures or technical devices, water use and discharge of pollutants into water bodies, including water withdrawal and discharge of pollutants with return water using channels);

The list of our legal services for receiving a permits includes:

  • Legal advice on the procedure for obtaining permission.
  • Legal examination of documents that must be submitted to obtain permission.
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining permission.
  • Getting permission.