Сertification of products or production

Our company provides qualified assistance in the certification of products and production, in obtaining sanitary and epidemiological findings, registration of production facilities, relevant certificates and permits for the sale of products that are an integral part of the effective and legitimate business activities of the Company.

ISO certification is a certificate from the series of international standards ISO 9000, which were introduced to manage the quality management system (abbreviated QMS), which is necessary for the production and sale of products both in the international market and domestically.

Obtaining a Conclusion or Operating Permit by the State Consumer Service (State Consumer Service) is a standard document that determines the conformity of production, place of sale (trade), catering place and other object to sanitary-epidemiological and environmental requirements and therefore safe for health and life.

Certification of products, including obtaining the Certificate of Conformity is carried out in order to: prevent the sale of products dangerous to life, health and property of citizens and the environment, assist the consumer in competent selection of products, create conditions for the participation of business entities in international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and international trade.

The development and registration of Technical Specifications (TU) is a regulatory document developed by a manufacturer for serially manufactured products containing technical requirements for the products being manufactured. In other words, technical conditions are a product standard.

Obtaining an auditor’s certificate is an official document issued in accordance with the decision of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, certifying the level of professional knowledge necessary for auditing enterprises of various forms of ownership in Ukraine.

These and other permits can be obtained with the help of specialists of our company, which is very important for effective business.